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We offer a comprehensive range of security solutions ranging from basic weld mesh fencing to high tech alarm fencing systems. This includes the following products:
•Electrified alarm detection systems. •Ground and fence detection: Intelli-flex: a triboelectric cable acoustic vibration system.  Intelli fibre: a fibre optic micro-bend sensor cable system. •Anti dig systems with mechanical barrier and passive alarm detection. •Taute wire fence detection systems. •CCTV Systems. •Perimeter patrol and zone reaction software date, time,zone logging. •Lightening and surge protection systems. •Extended battery back-up systems.    
•Beta Bastion Barrier and high security mesh systems. •General mesh barriers and razor wire products. •Alarmed grids for drains and culverts.      •Steel palisade with alarm detection and even electrified. •Precast wall and palisade with alarm detection options.   •Tailor made pole and tower protection systems for essential services.
Innovative Security system design is the Companies major strength and we are the market leaders in this field.